We have provided a variety of resources below to assist you in your efforts to learn more and to create change. Please click on any of the items below to view or download.


California’s habeas law: history and text. Provides a both a brief history and the legislative text of the first law in the US to allow incarcerated survivors of abuse to petition for their freedom.

Habeas Project letter for national advocates.  The Habeas Project is the coalition of organizations that helped pass legislation in California, and that now arranges pro bono representation for incarcerated survivors of domestic violence.  As the pioneering group behind this kind of effort, they have drafted an advisory letter for those seeking to start similar movements in their states.

“Crime After Crime” Home Viewing & Community Action Guide.  This document will assist you in arranging a home or community viewing of the documentary film, helping energize your community to spark change.

From Protection to Punishment. This report uses hard data to explore the inextricable link between domestic violence and the incarceration of women, pinpinting problems in the legal system and offering key reforms. Published by the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell Law School and The Women in Prison Project of the Correctional Association of New York.

Text of New York’s legislation. Text of New York’s proposed Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act, which promises to be the most comprehensive state law anywhere in the US dealing with how victims of domestic violence are treated by the criminal justice system. The bill is sponsored by Assemblymember Jeffrion L. Aubry and Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson.