Free From Abuse

Free From Abuse is a national nonprofit project that uses the combined power of documentary film, grassroots advocacy, and community engagement to help end domestic violence, sex trafficking, and wrongful incarceration.

We do this through a combination of:
• Promoting the full and fair consideration of legislative reform across the US.
• Educating the legal community and the community at large about domestic violence.
• Partnering with domestic violence agencies, and helping them to raise funds through screenings of the documentary film “Crime After Crime.”
• Conducting outreach to press agencies and producing content on the intersection of abuse and the criminal justice system.
• Centralizing and organizing resources for organizations, legislators, and the general public.

Through these actions, we work towards a US legal system and a future for all that is truly free from abuse.


The genesis of Free From Abuse was award-winning documentary film “Crime After Crime,” which tracked the legal battle to free Deborah Peagler, a victim of domestic violence who was sentenced to life in prison for her connection to murdering the man who abused her. Free From Abuse was originally launched as “Debbie’s Campaign” at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival premiere of “Crime After Crime.” From the beginning, filmmaker Yoav Potash has been actively involved in establishing Free From Abuse and coordinating campaign activities.