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  • Events Help Domestic Violence Prevention Organizations Exceed Fundraising Goals

    July 17, 2012 | Posted By: | Stories of Change |
    Joshua Safran speaks at SHALVA fundraiser

    In June 2012, attorney Joshua Safran and filmmaker Yoav Potash showed the film “Crime
    After Crime” and spoke at fundraiser events for SHALVA, one of Chicago’s oldest
    domestic violence prevention agencies, helping the organization raise roughly $45,000.

    AT EVENTS BENEFITTING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PREVENTION AGENCIES, the film “Crime After Crime” has helped nonprofit organizations nationwide set new records for both attendance and fundraising.

    To date, the San Mateo, California-based organization CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse) has raised the most funds at a single “Crime After Crime” event by securing $160,000 from donors at a May 2012 fundraiser. The CORA event featured video excerpts from the film “Crime After Crime,” and a special awards presentation to honor Joshua Safran and Nadia Costa, the two attorneys featured in the film. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, it was the first time in the nonprofit’s eight-year history that their annual fundraisier completely sold out.

    As a featured speaker, Joshua Safran spoke about his own experience with domestic abuse, recalling how a man systematically beat and controlled his mother when Safran was a small child. “Organizations like CORA,” Safran remarked, “give people a much-needed place to turn in those dire situations.”

    The following month, Safran appeared in Chicago alongside “Crime After Crime” filmmaker Yoav Potash at an event to benefit SHALVA, the oldest independent Jewish domestic abuse agency in the United States. The SHALVA events featured two screenings of “Crime After Crime” in the evening, followed by a luncheon the next day where Safran and Potash addressed the audience as keynote speakers. SHALVA staff reported that the event exceeded their expectations, raising $45,000 to assist the domestic violence prevention agency.

    Other organizations that have held fundraiser events in association with “Crime After Crime” include San Diego’s Project SARAH (Stop Abusive Relationships at Home) and the San Francisco Jewish Family & Children Services’ Dream House domestic abuse shelter. Organizations interested arranging their own fundraiser events in association with “Crime After Crime” should contact Free From Abuse, the nonprofit outreach campaign for the film.

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    Teenage activist and NJ legislator lobby for new law

    March 12, 2012 | Posted By: | Stories of Change |

    TENAFLY, NEW JERSEY –  After Micaela Mangot saw Crime After Crime last summer, the teenager was so moved by the story of the film’s protagonist Debbie Peagler that Micaela spent months organizing a screening of the film in her home state of New Jersey. Her efforts have now paved the way for a new law to improve how the criminal justice system handles the cases of victims of domestic violence in the state.

    At the screening in February, State Senator and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D) found herself just as moved as Micaela had been the previous summer. The discussion afterwards prompted Senator Weinberg to make an on-the-spot pledge to take action, eliciting enthusiastic applause inside the crowded theater. The senator promised her constituents that she would propose new state legislation on behalf of victims of domestic violence and wrongful incarceration. (See local coverage here.)

    Senator Weinberg is now drafting the legislation, based largely on New York’s proposed Domestic Survivors Justice Act. Proponents of the New York bill have also used Crime After Crime screening events to gain public and legislative support, and they aim to secure the votes needed in the New York legislature to pass the bill into law later this year.

    Meanwhile in California, Assembly Bill 593, also known as “The Sin by Silence Bill,” is advancing in the state legislature. This bill will significantly strengthen the California law that allows incarcerated victims of domestic violence to petition for their freedom.

    Crime After Crime filmmaker Yoav Potash and the lawyers featured in the film plan to continue to support these social impact efforts nationwide, with a goal of showing the film at every law school in America.

    Micaela Mangot and Senator Weinberg

    Teenager Micaela Mangot brought the film “Crime After Crime” to the attention of New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg. Senator Weinberg is now working to pass “Debbie’s Law” in New Jersey

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    University of New Mexico

    November 18, 2011 | Posted By: | Stories of Change |

    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    November 2011, with additional events to be planned for 2012

    In New Mexico, a free public screening at UNM School of Law was accompanied by an in-person meeting between State Representative Gail Chasey, UNM Law students & faculty, and both attorneys featured in “Crime After Crime.” At the meeting and the screening, the discussion focused on potential changes in New Mexico law that could benefit victims of abuse.  We will continue this partnership with Representative Chasey and UNM well into 2012 to help determine how Free From Abuse can assist efforts for change in the state.

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    Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)

    November 1, 2011 | Posted By: | Stories of Change |


    November 2011

    To deepen community engagement and advocacy for the national primetime broadcast of “Crime After Crime” on OWN, Free From Abuse worked to engage legal and domestic violence agencies across the nation.  In advance of the airdate, our Home Viewing and Community Action Guide was made available for free download as a PDF on both the “Crime After Crime” and OWN websites, encouraging agencies nationwide to spread the word about the film and to use the screening as an opportunity to conduct their own fundraising.  The effort involved dozens of partners (see list below) and led to some of the highest ratings OWN has received for documentary programming.

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    Fundraiser in Support of Project SARAH

    October 1, 2011 | Posted By: | Stories of Change |

    San Diego, CA

    October 2011

    Project SARAH, the domestic abuse prevention and intervention program of Jewish Family Service of San Diego, held an immensely successful fundraiser event at the Jewish Community Center in La Jolla, California.  The “SARAH” in the program’s name stands for Stop Abusive Relationships At Home, so the screening of “Crime After Crime” represented an excellent opportunity for public outreach and education.  Attorney Joshua Safran and filmmaker Yoav Potash were on-hand to answer audience questions, and to participate in a meaningful dialogue moderated by Cheryl Bruser, Project SARAH Outreach Coordinator.  The annual event drew its largest audience ever, with over 380 in attendance, raising approximately $7,000 to benefit Project SARAH clients, all survivors of domestic abuse.

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    Screenings in support of New York’s Domestic Violence Survivor’s Justice Act

    July 18, 2011 | Posted By: | Stories of Change |

    New York State

    July 2011 – present

    New York has made great strides in passing legislation that would be similar to (and arguably even more significant than) the California law highlighted in “Crime After Crime.”  New York’s proposed Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act currently has the support of at least 26 elected representatives in the state.  Organizations including the Correctional Association of New York, STEPS to End Family Violence, and the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence have worked with Free From Abuse to hold numerous screenings of “Crime After Crime” as part of their public awareness and media campaign for the proposed legislation.  Please see for an article and video about how we are working with these organizations to support changes that can help more women like Debbie Peagler. These activities have been supported by a recent grant from The New York Women’s Foundation.  New York state legislators joined Debbie Peagler’s attorney Joshua Safran and Debbie’s daughter Natasha Wilson for a special screening and discussion on January 19, 2012.

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